Quality Control


Quality Test Instruments

  • Material inspection by spectrum analyser shuom.
  • Profile Projector.
  • Radiation detection equipment.
  • 10T electronic strength tester can accurately examine the tension and elongation of the material.
  • Hydraulic PRESSURE Testing Equipment.
  • Water PRESSURE Leakage testing.
  • High-Low Temperature testers.
  • Roundness tester.
  • Roughness tester.
  • Hardness tester.
  • Cycling Test Equipment.
  • Stress Corrosion Cracking test.
  • Coating Thickness tester.
  • All Thread GO-NO-GO gauge tester.
  • Material Control :

  • Sampling inspection is performed towards each batch of material, using ARL spectrum analyzer.
  • Machining Quality Control :

  • Self-check in machining process includes 1st article inspection and in-process inspection (record the data of product every hour).
  • In-coming Materials Inspection :

  • All components made in-house or outsourced are inspected before coming into components warehouse.
  • Assembly Line Quality Control :

  • The first batch of selected products are assembled and inspected by assembly worker and record is available.
  • Tour inspector performs several times check at the assembly line and record the data.
  • Worker performs visual check at the appearance of products.
  • Leakage Testing :

  • All casting parts and assembly products are under 100% leakage test.
  • Final Inspection before Delivery :

  • Inspector performs sampling check from the packaged products, and qualified products are allowed for delivery from finished products warehouse.